Ultrasound Guidelines Council
Quality Data for Genetic Evaluation

Accredited Labs

There are three Central Ultrasound Processing Labs accredited by UGC.  Accredited labs follow UGC guidelines, use UGC-certified interpretation software, and employ UGC-certified lab technicians. UGC-member breed associations ONLY accept ultrasound data from UGC-accredited labs that are based on images collected by UGC-certified field technicians.  The UGC team approach (i.e. certified field technicians, certified lab technicians, certified systems, and accredited labs) ensures that only the most accurate data are submitted on the breeder's behalf to UGC-member breed associations.  

Links to each of the labs are presented below.



2610 Northridge Parkway
Suite 105
Ames, Iowa  50010-4088


42942 W CR 37
Pierce, CO 80650


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