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UGC Study Guide - 2012 Edition
The new UGC Study Guide has been prepared for internet access.  Files associated with the chapters are listed below the chapter.  The Introduction and all 11 chapters maybe downloaded (zipped file) by clicking on the title below.  Associated files may be downloaded by clicking on the file names.

Ultrasound Guidelines Council
Field Technician Study Guide

2012 Edition

Introduction - Mike Tess

I.    History of Technician Certification, Centralized Ultrasound Processing and UGC J.R.  Tait
*  UGC Operating Protocol

II.    Ultrasound Basics J.R. Tait

III.   Ultrasound and the Beef Carcass – Scott Greiner

IV.   Ultrasound and Genetics
Matt Spangler and Dan Moser

V.  Ultrasound Scanning TechniqueCraig Hays and Andy Meadows

VI.  Ultrasound Image QualityBecky Hays, Mark Henry and Rethel King
*  UGC Image Quality Scoring System

VII.  UGC Field Certification
Mike Tess

VIII. The UGC Partnership in ActionMike Tess, Bill Bowman, Larry Keenan, Wade Shafer and   Robert Williams
* Example AAA Barnsheet
* Example AAA Ultrasound Report

IX.  Frequently Asked QuestionsMike Tess
* UGC Policy on Re-certification in Absentia
* Q&A Regarding Re-certification in Absentia
* UGC Policy on Continuing Education
* Breed Ultrasound Policy Files
* Breed Age Range Table

X.  Resources for Further Study and Information Mike Tess

XI.  Quality Data for Genetic EvaluationMike Tess and Casey Worrell


Links to sites with useful information for ultrasound techs:

  Beef Improvement Federation (BIF)

BIF Guidelines

National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium (NBCEC) - Sire Evaluation Manual & DNA validation results

Ultrasound Basics - University of Nebraska

 Bovine myology - University of Nebraska

 Additional ultrasound training resources

To find information on field certifications and educational events for 2012 see the "News for Techs" page

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